Will the 2020 Ford Bronco offer a manual transmission? One reports suggests it’s inside works

If you really want the latest Ford Bronco will certainly be a credible Jeep Wrangler competitor, a new report from Jalopnik demonstrates that the 2020 Bronco could get a seven-speed stick shift for Getrag. The positioning reports how the transmission maker, which creates the six-speed manual for that Ford Mustang, may be tasked with creating a seven-speed manual code-named MT-88 to the Bronco, which can be associated with the 2 main.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine.

Needless to express, there are not many cars out there at the present time with seven-speed manuals: The Chevy Corvette and Porsche 911 are definitely the main ones that provide seven cogs currently. Although we're still many years outside of the actual launch within the Bronco, this points to the revived SUV learning to be a serious off-road machine aiming squarely for your Jeep Wrangler. A potential seven-speed within the Bronco likely suggests a super-low rock-crawling gear, instead of a super-tall highway gear for blasting about the interstate; Ford's previews from the new Bronco certainly advise a shape not particularly optimized for Nurburgring records. Unless we're talking shortcuts in the woods within the track.

Getrag's website describes a 6/7MTI550 transmission, indicating that it’s rated for 405 lb-ft of torque, noting a top torque capacity, a flexible type of gear ratio spread, all-wheel-drive compatibility, along with an optional seventh gear. The MT-88 is reportedly being developed with the Getrag Jiangxi facility in Nanchang, China, which participated in the creation of the six-speed MT-82 stick shift situated in the current Mustang, also earned in Nanchang.

But Ford has also mentioned so it does not want the Bronco to become as spartan and rock-crawl-oriented since the Wrangler, opting to give a plusher and faster on-road experience, that might examine a highway-friendly number of gears.

"For Jeep, it’s about rock crawling in Moab, but our premise is perfectly different," Jim Farley, Ford’s executive vice chairman and president of worldwide markets said concerning the Bronco recording. "We want to give people true off-road vehicles which have been comfortable at higher speeds, on two-track trails and do well in deep sand on the beach. And they don’t want their SUVs to check like doomsday vehicles and have spartan, government-issued interiors."

The Bronco is due in 2020, as well as eventually arrive which includes a baby brother — that's the impression Ford created captured when it invited journalists for their headquarters to put out its electrification strategy. As the larger Bronco will concentration on the Wrangler in some form, the smaller Bronco is expected to become a Renegade competitor.

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