Volkswagen to look at over telematics specialist WirelessCar from Volvo

The Volkswagen Group is purchasing a majority stake inside the Swedish telematics specialist “WirelessCar” from Volvo that has a view to earning further advances in fleet connectivity. The Volkswagen Group is having a 75.1 % stake in WirelessCar. Completion is expected while in the first half of 2019 and it is at the mercy of approval from antitrust authorities.

WirelessCar registered in Gothenburg was founded in 1999 and possesses been a wholly-owned subsidiary by Volvo since 2007. The Swedish company provides a workforce of some 370 IT experts worldwide and it is referred to as a respected specialist in vehicle connectivity. WirelessCar does have it’s technology platform plus develops digital services, including concierge and billing services (e.g. tolls) in addition to safety and emergency services (e.g. remote diagnostics, breakdown services). Worldwide, some 3.5 million vehicles from various car makers are connected via this platform.

The Volkswagen Group is utilizing WirelessCar’s connectivity technology to get enhancing digital ecosystem, the spot that the Volkswagen brand is spearheading development for that Group in cooperation with technology partners. The aim is to provide full connectivity from now on vehicle generations and develop value-added services for patrons that they can access through the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud. WirelessCar joins Microsoft and diconium as being the third major technology partner involved.

Volkswagen is developing the cloud-based platform as well as Microsoft, and designing a customizable marketing platform (service platform) for a lot of digital services with diconium. More specifically, WirelessCar technology will enable safe and stable data exchange between your vehicle’s operating system as well as cloud-based platform, and forming a significant cause of future software architecture inside the vehicle (Device Platform).

“Our aim should be to provide the Volkswagen to a mobility provider using a fully-connected fleet”, Christoph Hartung, Head of Digital & New customers / Mobility Services for the Volkswagen brand, said. “Our customers is able to use digital value-added services in their cars or on the mobile devices all the time. We’ve been switching up a gear on this development and still have gained WirelessCar when the third major partner. We’ve been now really stepping to the gas and emphasizing integrating the technologies.”

Martin Rosell, CEO of WirelessCar, said: “Volkswagen is our ideal partner for the upcoming stage in this development. Volkswagen gets the most ambitious future technique for connectivity inside the automotive industry. This aspiration is the perfect match for all our vision to enjoy the automotive industry in to the digital society. We’re highly motivated and willing to play our part compare unique car features.”

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