VIDEO: Save $100s by replacing your side-view mirror yourself!

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Damaging your side-view mirror or knocking them back is one of those annoying things in your life being a driver – comparable to a cracked windshield.

But although it’s only one relatively minor setback, it usually is expensive to fix will give pay another individual to do it to suit your needs.

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Easy DIY tutorial on replacing your side-view mirror

Go towards the dealership or maybe independent garage and you’ll likely receive a quote for $200 to $300 to your materials to replace a side-view mirror.

But this really is one fix that’s so simple to try and do yourself when investing in the part, as you’ll see during the video below.

Whatever you are doing, never file protection claim for your broken side-view mirror or perhaps a cracked windshield! The insurer may surcharge you for a lot of years or eliminate discounts you will otherwise qualify for.

In regards to making small but legitimate claims, money expert Clark Howard has always been fierce about the reason why you shouldn’t accomplish this.

What you ought to do instead is use the highest deductible the insurer or even your auto financier permits so you are able to afford. Typically that is a $1,000 deductible.

Having an increased deductible lessens the ability you’ll interest to make a small piddling report that you could possibly probably spend on with their own money. And once you have a higher deductible, you’ll usually have a lower monthly premium in return.

The nicest thing to do is usually to schedule the savings you will enjoy if you take the better deductible and produce an automobile repair slush fund. Like that you’ll have the money when you need it to address an issue in your vehicle.

How to exchange your side-view mirror in a mere minutes

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