The subsequent Mercedes-Benz S-Class will feature level 3 autonomous driving tech

The next Mercedes-Benz S class are able to offer the brand's first self-driving system able to eyes-off conditional autonomy.

The technology will probably be introduced in the brand's flagship model before eventually trickling on to lower segment vehicle, Ola Kaellenius, Daimler's head of research, told reporters with the Paris auto show this morning. Kaellenius will succeed Dieter Zetsche as Daimler and Mercedes CEO in May.

"We are on the verge of jumping to Level 3, that is our target for an additional S class," Kaellenius said. "That’s something that you are able to buy being an option, and you’ll proliferate it relatively quickly into higher volumes — especially with a brand name like Mercedes."

When asked whether Mercedes' technology would arrive before BMW relates to market in 2021 featuring a own Level 3 system planned to the iNext, Kaellenius indicated Mercedes would be first. "Our next S class arrives for 2020, to ensure the timeframe must be realistic," he explained.

Both Mercedes and BMW are behind Audi, which debuted the world’s first eyes-off Level 3 system from the new A8 sedan. The A8 has been equipped to start with offering the technology to customers the moment Audi receives regulatory approval to promote the device. Regulators within the standards-setting body UNECE in Geneva go on to debate with carmakers the security risks affiliated with expertise to generate.

Currently all systems in the marketplace, including Tesla’s Autopilot and General Motor’s Super Cruise, are advanced versions of Level 2 assistance systems. Drivers cannot get their eyes off the road and has to prepare yourself always to have back control over your car. Level 3 systems also provide limited use: only Germany has legalized motorists to transfer operation from the vehicle towards onboard computer.

Automakers start to get cold feet relating to expertise to generate, with Volkswagen Group considering ways to share the expenses additionally, the risks, both technical and legal, along with other competitors.

Daimler is taking a dual track approach when it comes to self-driving technology. Also its evolving its Level 2 hands-off assistance systems until a driver will no longer have to check the way at all times. On the other half, it is utilizing Robert Bosch to cultivate a completely autonomous vehicle for mobility agencies operating robotaxi fleets.

"Mercedes plans advanced self-driving tech for next S class" was originally published by Automotive News on 10/11.

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