The 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility shows a potent Explorer

We checked Ford’s latest cop car when specs leaked a few months ago. It doesn’t come off as too crazy around the spec-sheet — the usual all-wheel-drive system should help officers get traction in northern climes as well as an optional 3.0-liter EcoBoost should help chase down perps. But he standard-issue 3.7-liter V6-powered models, while using the standard hybrid system, apparently outperformed the competitive set from a total halt to 60 mph. 

The test, done by Michigan State Police, pitted both versions within the 2020 Police Interceptor Utility with the current flock of cruisers — both SUVs and sedans — to find out who had the best cop car. Ford’s standard issue Interceptor Utility was quick enough to nab the swiftest time to 100 mph a serious amounts of the easiest average lap time around their circuit. 

The Michigan State Police also performed a 0-150 mph test, nonetheless the 305 hp 3.7-liter Interceptor Utility is capped at 137 mph. The EcoBoost equipped Interceptor is governed on a different speed, and clinched top honors inside the 150-mph test, as outlined by Ford. 

The rub — you can’t 1. What i’m saying is, unless you’re law enforcement and also you get when driving. With that being said, it’s rumored how the 2020 Ford Interceptor Utility may be the bones in the upcoming Ford Explorer, so it’s best for be aware of it won’t certainly be a snooze drive an automobile gets hotter hits the customer level.

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