Team Clark's favorite DIY auto hacks

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Ever wished you’re more handy when it comes to minor fixes for the automobile? We’ve got entry-level tutorials which enables even those who find themselves the furthest thing possible coming from a grease monkey.

Take an appearance and see…

Fave fixes in your vehicle from a staffers

Why give the mechanic to undertake all of these simple tasks when you can watch and understand how to do them yourself!

How to change your vehicle’s turn signal bulb

If you own an older car, this reveals bulbs are usually hanging out. Don’t pay a repair shop just for this simple fix.

How to correct a jammed car ignition

This may be a key fast solution in the event your key won’t submit the ignition. It is really not a long-term solution, however it will let you drive to the garage to get a true fix constantly in place. That’s a whole lot less expensive than paying to remain towed!

How to know the proper tire pressure on your car

Be careful when you’re re-filling with air which you don’t top off a lot!

How to modify your car’s air filter

Don’t pay your mechanic to do that after they show you its a pointer. Obtain the part yourself and learn to transform here!

How to interchange your wiper blades

Sure, plenty of places will already repeat this on your behalf without cost, but when you value self-sufficiency, isn’t it nice to be aware of you can do it in the pinch?

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