Planet could be the UK’s 4th biggest automotive segment for online investigation

Sophus3’s unique analysis of online activity on, and between, pretty much all car brands’ websites in britain has revealed some shockingly good statistics that highlight the expansion in electric car consumer interest and the variations in how electric car considerers behave online.

Sophus3’s analysis that could reach over one billion digital interactions on car brand websites in 2018 demonstrates electric cars, which Sophus3 defines as pure and hybrid planet, now are clearly established for a defined segment. Planet could be the 4th most searched-for range of models in the UK, and even more popular in comparison to the established segments of sports cars, city cars and midsize executives. With 5.44% of all the visits in 2018, electric cars still miss the superior three segments, compact, supermini and SUVs. SUVs represented an unbelievable 37.48% coming from all automotive model online activity in 2018.

Sophus3’s analytics do not simply show the number of automotive targeted traffic are viewing the many car segments, but also how potential electric car buyers behave online; a vital insight if car brands using a growing electric car range are going to exploit the raised need for electric cars.

Sophus3 found that electric car considerers spend over 33% more time on model pages than traditional car researchers. And others booking a test drive request are spending a tremendous 70% longer on the model page of these choice than for a normal car test out request.

Scott Gairns, Sophus3, Md, said: “We all know that electric car interest rates are growing, and it’s clear from a analysis that like a segment these days it is very popular for online investigation and interest than sports cars, city cars as well as midsize executive cars. But for car brands to take advantage of this growing interest, it’s critical to be aware of howpotential car buyers behave when on electric car sites, what they’re looking for and where they’ve originated from. Our entry to the majority of car brands’ online platforms throughout the uk and Europe provides this vital intelligence that will define the electrical car market in the near future.”

If electric car adoption is to integrate while using current imbalance between consumer, political and industry demand and challenges, then understanding how potential electric car adopters are searching, along with what information they are hunting for, is crucial.

Nissan Leaf tops the charts for electric car research in 2018
Sophus3’s electric car analysis in 2018 shows Nissan and it is UK-built Leaf because the stand-out performer within the segment. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will come in a really strong second, accompanied by the VW e-Golf, together with the remaining electric cars in Sophus3’s analysis of top performers indicating strong involvement in car brands’ bespoke electric offerings over straightforward electric versions of existing ICE cars.

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