Junkyard Treasure: 1956 Mercury Montclair Camper

The upgraded rear springs demonstrate that the camper conversion had not been half-assed. Photo by Murilee Martin

This seems as if a remarkably high-quality backyard conversion, from what I'm guessing was the initial 1970s. Someone with fabrication skills stood a pickup camper shell on the one hand of the yard plus a fully depreciated '56 Montclair sedan alternatively, and also the two were mated in fairly skilled fashion (note the heavy-duty leaf springs in this photo, as an example).

Campers that land in wrecking yards usually are nasty inside, almost invariably having spent their final decade getting habitat for various rodents or worse. I’ve got spent long in such places, and I'll wear a hazmat suit next occasion. This camper appears like it might happen to be pleasant enough if this what food was in active service.

If this is the original Ford Y-Block engine that was included the vehicle when new (which happens to be possible), then it's a 312-cubic-inch plant with a rating of 210 hp. Since Detroit V8s tend to get swapped around with abandon above the decades, this tends to just as easily certainly be a 256 or 292. No matter what displacement, this vehicle would have been about the underpowered side when climbing steep grades, though nothing near as miserable as Toyota Dolphin Mini-Motorhome.

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