Car Clock of the Week: 1986 Toyota Camry Jeco analog

Jeco still makes car clocks, but we've seen only their timepieces for the 1978 Toyota Corona, 1980 Toyota Cressida and 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander until now in this particular series. Today we'll look at the nicely minimalist Jeco quartz analog clock utilised in the very first generation of Toyota Camry to be removed in The united states.

The 1983-1986 Camrys might be considered intolerably cramped and underpowered by current American standards, they were as reliable as anything traveling through the 1980s and sold well. The fact is, they sold so well that they can replaced the Corona and took a large bite beyond Cressida sales. I still see lots of discarded Camrys for this generation around my junkyard explorations, and I'm guessing that the majority ones appeared getting scrapped because of icky interiors, not mechanical problems.

It's a small clock and doesn't really jump out from the Camry's understated instrument cluster, but it surely does sport this interesting second-hand treatment.

I don't grab many car clocks internally instrument clusters simply because they aren't intended for stand-alone easy use in, say, a car-parts-built boombox. There's very difficult way to mount time such as this, and lighting can be challenging too.

Because I respect the sturdiness of these early Camrys so much, I want one of these clocks in my collection anyway.

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