5 questions for your man behind the Ford Edge ST

Autoweek: Did you feel any extra pressure doing the advantage ST?

Krenz: Yeah, there were another a higher level anxiety, and also excitement, because we had arrived doing interesting things. Could tips on how to do Shelby Mustangs, and we’re very happy with it, pushing that technology one stage further. We've done some generations of Raptors, and then we figure out what product success is with that end of the spectrum. You can always find engineering challenges, but we’re feeling capable of handling them.

In this context, I believe it’s important too to be aware of that we believe what ST is. We certainly have that which you could call brand DNA for the ST. Could in customer terms exactly what the proof points are and what an ST is required to be, through the Fiesta ST as well as Focus ST and a lot of legacy products going back a considerable ways in Europe and the Us. So you have to translate the client terms to engineering objectives and measures—a huge selection of them. The ST is undoubtedly an out-the-door performance vehicle, and that we look at performance in various ways. We look at competitive set, at uplift in our base vehicle. We’ve got engineering criteria that vary from advertised electricity to straight-line performance to track-time capability. And now we evaluate sustained capability—which implies repeated use without fade, in acceleration or brake performance, whether you’re carrying out a track session or perhaps a mountain twisty type course, the auto will likely be there to suit your needs. Sustained capability is really what, fundamentally, helps make the Fiesta ST a Ford Performance product and why, as an example, the Mustang GT with Performance Pack II isn’t. That’s a remarkably capable vehicle, but it really wasn’t developed with your sustained capability requirement.

We find out what an advantage ST should be. The engineering challenge, certainly, is taken those brands promises plus the corresponding engineering expectations and moving them right new cycle, in the package that isn’t like anything we’ve done before. It's certainly challenging, but we know the promise we need to keep and now we love new stuff.

Autoweek: You’ve got a competitive in search of a foothold, and you don’t have one on an Edge ST. Just what exactly have you baseline? What does one benchmark?

Krenz: Well, right. We immediately come to the conclusion which we needed be checking out premium sport vehicles, because there’s nothing inside non-premium SUV sport segment that people could define as a possible ST’s competitive set. So that we looked over the lower end of your premium sport vehicles. I got myself an (Audi) SQ5 and also a Porsche Macan. And several our competitive targets are derived from the two vehicles.

Autoweek: Would you look at a more sophisticated all-wheel drive system versus the PTO inside standard Edge with the ST? Maybe like the target RS?

Krenz: Ok, i’ll answer with many context again. Our product portfolio, at Ford Performance, is two-fold. We have a track-inspired side, as well as perhaps less related to this discussion, there’s an off-road inspired side. Particularly about the track-inspired side, we’ve worked toward that which we call a pyramid. The GT sits on the top bar, and due to the selling price, not a single thing spared.

Then we’ve got that which we call a level one—your Shelbys, your RS. They have the exact same DNA principles I simply outlined, but the targets are now more aggressive. The STs organic beef call level two—business DNA, but hopefully available to a better consumer base. You aren’t the main person need to, "why wouldn't you use the MagnaRide from your Shelbys or perhaps the GKN twin-clutch all-wheel drive in the RS?" After we did we’d be positioning the advantage up toward level one, and that is exactly something you often see going forward, shield . Edge ST promise, additionally, the mission, the world thinks we have now the ideal content level.

Autoweek: Somewhat Ford Performance gets what it’s dealt: In the event the company disapproves more cars, that’s everything you need to talk with. However, ST buyers happen to be a loyal group. When using the Focus ST gone as well as the Fiesta ST going, it’s further up in price to a GT350. Are you giving those individuals up?

Krenz: Certainly we be prepared to bring the ST brand to a different one customer when using the Edge—a buyer that maybe, for lifestyle reasons, couldn't look at a Focus or possibly a Fiesta ST—and that we certainly hope to build that loyalty with him or her. But to respond your question, no, we absolutely are usually not abandoning the (Fiesta and concentration ST owners).  

This morning I met when using the big influencers from your ST clubs and internet sites, we heard precisely the same question. However i also heard “I’m married now, this may let you kid, and this vehicle makes perfect sense.” As well as those who weren’t in times to create that step, Cleaning it once a to re-affirm the Ford Performance persistence to fast, fun, affordable vehicles. And i also encouraged these people to allow the Edge ST a chance, because it’s all there. It isn't meant to be an agreement on performance. It's directed at minimize the compromise around the functionality.

Autoweek: Exactly what can you know us about Performance products forward motion? You’ve already announced an Explorer ST. Could there be an EcoSport ST?

Krenz: I can’t really explain more with regards to the Explorer ST aside from the brand requirements we mentioned. It’ll be in there. It needs to be.

Beyond that, I’ll say this. In case you look backward soon enough, the Ford Performance portfolio has track-inspired sedans, coupes and pickups for a broad (budget range), and off-road inspired pickups. That which you don’t see are SUVs. Now Ford Motor Co. plus the industry in particular is moving more toward SUVs, but it is possible to look ahead at Ford Performance with similar two lenses—the track inspired and the off-road inspired—and add SUVs. We’ll still build that pyramid, when you, while meeting the customer’s expectations for a collection of (prices), bringing SUVs on the view.

So absolutely, there could be an EcoSport ST. I'll take it a stride further in terms of what is. Why wouldn't we perform a level-one performance SUV, a thing that really just gets to choose from and absolutely kills it? It's a logical, strategic discussion to own, and it's an engineering challenge, of course, to supply that GT350-level track capability in the SUV. But that's what excites us.

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