2019 Land Rover Defender prototype seen testing on-road; photos show independent rear suspension

You don't even have to look closely to find the independent rear suspension — sorry, portal axle fans. The side-opening rear door carries up to the brand new Defender, though.

Previously, we’d heard which the new Defender would ride for the aluminum D7u architecture, which is also as used by kids Rover additionally, the Land Rover Discovery. In going unibody, your opponent actually takes things a pace more than the body-on-frame G-Class.

But, much like the G-Class, it is going to transfer to an unbiased suspension setup all-around. This can be clearly visible inside rearview photos. If you wish to throw a portal axle using a Defender, you’re visiting prefer to import an old one. Just make sure it’s at the very least 25 years old. This shouldn't be much of any surprise: Land Rover announced its intentions to phase out solid axles transpiring 2 full decades ago; the Defender was the last holdout, plus a big section of us is sad which it has provided into modernity. We perform trust that it’s going to always be an off-road contender — in case the low-traction feats even Range Rover Sports can handle are anything to overlook, capability shouldn’t be considerably associated with a concern with the average buyer.

Still, the radically different new Defender supplies as another example the the heritage off-roader paradox: Within the Jeep Wrangler towards the Mercedes-Benz G-Class towards the Defender (and also the other Land Rover-Range Rover line), these people were all utilitarian trucks that struck a chord with upper-crust buyers simply due to their capability and perceived authenticity. These buyers have, soon enough, dramatically altered the perception, market positioning and, finally, improvement the vehicles, which is how we’ve were left with a different crop of high-end SUVs practically completely divorced from their agricultural roots.

Purist will moan from beneath their crusty Series IIs, where they may be performing another transfer case rebuild, however the the truth is that they’re not buying these matters anyway. We're desirous to see just what new Defender may be like and, even more important, just what it will do, in the event the camo is removed. We anticipate seeing it relatively soon — either later this season maybe in early 2019.

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