2019 Chevy Camaro Turbo 1LE: All you should know

The four-cylinder 2019 Chevy Camaro Turbo 1LE may be the track ready special.

The Execution

The Ridge Motorsports Park, typically often called “The Ridge,” is actually a 16-turn, 2.47 mile road course as well as being somewhat under couple of hours from Seattle.

We tap the traction control button twice to convert on “Competition Mode.” This activates the performance instrument readouts, shift lights and when you need to Files, the Performance Data Recorder. Those shift lights come in handy later…

The right off the bat you’ll notice about lapping the Turbo 1LE is the way simple and easy and approachable its. Ever since the rear wheels coping lower than 300 hp, you probably must try to get it beyond line when compared with an SS. That being the case, I had been wanting for more power quickly within the asphalt.

As I come screaming throughout the long carousel-like corner with the Ridge Motorsports Park in Washington state, the Turbo 1LE reveals itself being supremely balanced. Ed Oppenheiser, Camaro chief engineer, says Chevy could receive the weight distribution dangerously around 50/50 for the four-cylinder since there’s less weight out front.

Those shift lights inside heads-up display blink red at you about 6,000 rpm, and even for good reason. Beyond indeed, this will 7,000 rpm redline, but moreover, peak power is created at 5,600 rpm. This can be for the trail, however, when you’re trying to grip to 3rd gear rich in the rev range nearing a corner, the engine feels lifeless. A determination has to be made then. Either waste time shifting into fourth after which you can backpedal to 3rd with the corner, or have fun in the engine’s dead zone for another second or two and hope which had been the right choice.

For many tracks this wouldn’t be an issue, but it surely was really a constant struggle within the Ridge where several corners lay on that border. One amount of tech that makes me want to get that extra gear is Chevy’s “No-Lift Shift” function. Keep right foot pinned, slam the clutch in after which it throw it in the next gear without moving that right foot. You will need a couple of efforts to acclimate yourself to it, but it’s an enjoyable bit of tech for that track.

More engine talk – it’s quieter than only a GTI. Sure, it’s a four cylinder, yet this may be the 1LE. It must have a very aggressive-sounding exhaust. The condition was more apparent anytime a pack of 4 Turbos rolled on the front straight at full throttle but it was hardly noticeable above the wind.

Where the Turbo 1LE truly excels is in the handling. The 0.97g lateral grip rating quoted by Chevy feels every true. Not just is the mechanical grip there, though the controls predicts you also. It’s straightforward to tell once the grip is drained, and nearly as all to easy to make corrections in case a hint of gradual understeer sets out to creep in. The motor car turns in quickly when pointed, and roll is kept low along with the stiffened-up suspension components.

I did three consecutive sessions for approximately a couple of hours of on-track time total with not much of a burglary between sessions. Not used to the brakes fade or even just hint within the beginnings of fading. The pedal is stiff and gives up hard braking right on the top bar – a confidence inspiring quality.

After, we use the Turbo 1LE for a drive on some surface roads and the engine feels better. It gets remarkably good mileage driving on the road – 30 mpg. Here’s the hitch. The abysmal visibility hasn’t changed for several years in the Camaro, but that’s still no excuse based on how terrible it truly is. I’d quit the ridiculously high beltline and towering hood to really be aware of the road right in front and along with me – and you should too.

Also, our summer tires turned out to be a bit annoying in daily driving situations. The bigger contact patches develop a fair measure of road noise. But don’t worry that. Get it into the track every weekend because Chevy’s warranty extends to track days. That’s something useful, but take into account, your insurance still won’t purchase it. And don’t modify it, because that will void the initial warranty.


All of this added up screams introductory track car. Chevy even says it’s a wash regarding the V6 along with the four-cylinder for lap times at its Milford proving grounds. A local track’s results are different certainly. Your competition Chevy is stacking this car up against isn’t your normal Camaro competition either. It’s aiming to steal several sales from cars much like the Subaru WRX, Honda Civic Type R, Hyundai Veloster N as well as the VW Golf R. I like the though, but I’ll accept it as true while i view it.

Regardless in the competition, Oppenheiser says the 1LE program does greater than expected, pushing them into offering this less expensive option. At approximately $32,000 it comes up like a viable weapon for everyone trying to find a trusted track car within a strict budget. You’ll have comfort to push as hard as you desire to a result of the warranty, even so the small-ish engine remains a bit of a hang-up for me personally. For $1,500 more you will get the V6 with additional power, a gratifying rev band including a true muscle car yowl. It’s your choice.

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