2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS: Be sure that know

The 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS has three seat options, including hard-shelled buckets.

Our Opinion: Let’s get one thing taken care of, since it has style of become my thing: the earlier flat-six engines sound as good as these new fours. Regardless, the 718-era Cayman sounds really good. The visible difference in audio quality is smaller than I would’ve guessed. There’s still a lot of raw mechanical energy emitted and, when investing in moving, it’s an enjoyable enough noise to take pleasure from.

Forward motion also erases any memory of missing automatic climate control. Luxuries that way are, ultimately, items that have the knowledge of staying in a car better should the expertise in driving that car is suboptimal. That’s true whether it's lackluster surroundings as well as car itself. The Cayman GTS, in contrast, delivers this type of engaging driving experience that you simply attempt to eradicate any situation that distracts from the driving. This car is a good example to change your schedule.

Power through the flat-four just isn’t overwhelming, but plentiful in just about every scenario. Developing a six-speed manual to spend time playing with makes entering the freeway at triple-digit speeds too easy. And perhaps while you don’t constantly transfer of for the power band, the robust torque maintains the hustle with little trouble. But clearly, straight-line speed is not the selling feature here — just glance at the key competitors.

Standing out more than anything is feel. Porsches are the most emotionally open vehicles on your way — you connect almost instantly. The seats hug our bodies. Steering weight is definitely right and information on pavement come by means of your palms with little filter. The Cayman GTS encourages more corner entry speed and rewards you for listening with flat cornering and positive feedback. That last bit is aided slightly through the 20-millimeter lower-than-stock 718 sport springs.

Faster cars for the money exist, but it's tricky to match the engagement and driving fun made available from the Cayman. The GTS will be the sharpest sort of the brand new 718 in support of enhances the experience.

–Robin Warner, managing editor

Options: Navigation module for Porsche communication management ($1,780), Porsche connect plus (12-month trial) ($1,720), seat heating ($530), PASM sport suspension ($290)

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