2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty chassis cab first drive: All you need to know

The 2018 Ford F-550 offers an aluminum-bodied cabin much like the smaller F-Series models.

The F-550 is surprisingly easy to drive, and everyone can do it: It needs no certification given that it falls less than the 26,001-pound Gross Vehicle Weight Rating level (by 1 pound) for needing an industrial driver’s license. The seats feel as if F-150 seats, the cab feels as though an F-150 cab, even so it was way bouncier unloaded than a normal light duty. A few times, and this is just on public side streets, the seatbelt needed to catch me before I bounced in to the ceiling.

A note with that: The F-550 chassis cab has the new aluminum-bodied cabin similar to the smaller F-Series trucks. The F-650 and above still makes use of the last-generation steel unit. With Sync and navigation, it does feel as though an incredible F-150, apart from the bounce.

We loaded in the 9-foot, Rugby Eliminator LP steel dump (with 3-4 yard capacity) with 3 yards of fresh, steamy mulch. I felt your system drop one or two inches and saw the back window fog up for a second. Luckily I had the windows retracted. A final person to implement this truck wasn’t so lucky, which means the quarter-inch of brown dust all over the cabin.

Back all the time achievable extra lot of weight, the turbo dial over the dash became a little quicker to jump around, and that i may have heard more whistle, but throttle and brake application felt mostly exactly the same. As did the diesel thrust on the whole. The loaded-up experience was approximately Eighty percent less bouncy, seeing that some time, no drama — just driving like I’m using family to your cottage.

Finally, the enjoyment part. I back your truck up — carefully, no rearview camera on this one—for the trampoline safety and hop out with the brilliant yellow plastic dump controller in doing my hand. “Not even!” the handlers yell. The F-550 has two chains and a safety lever that ought to be thrown before dumping. Additionally, it carries a roll-back tarp that keeps the stress within the bed under windy conditions.

To raise reduce this giant bed, the F-550 features a power take-off unit which utilizes 250 lb-ft of engine torque to jog the electrical motor and hydraulics to go their bed. 10-seconds later, 1,800 pounds of mulch was on a lawn and being spread across the playground. All of it can be a fun, if anticlimactic experience.

One of those, as furnished with the dump body, will set you back $70,360 including destination. The base vehicle before customization is definitely $46,890, along with the standard 6.8-liter gasoline V10 will be less compared to diesel by about $9K.

I didn’t push this truck anywhere near its limit. There’s no terrain to dicuss of in southeast Michigan, I didn’t go deep off-road to a construction site and i also didn’t get near the weight limit. That’s why this monster appears like this sort of pussycat. Perhaps that’s what you are likely to want if their job would be to be in one example of these 10 hours every day — much like a race car, it should be effortless to drive for many hours on end, easy.

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