2015 Zero Motorcycles Lineup Unveiled

Zero Motorcycles today announced its 2015 model line with premium new standard equipment including Showa suspension, Bosch anti-lock brake systems and Pirelli tires.

The refinements are created to transform the already exhilarating ride experience offering incredibly smooth suspension, optimal braking responsiveness and unrivaled traction.

To increase range, Zero introduced new battery cells with 10% greater capacity around the Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS. When and also the Power Tank accessory this yields a niche leading collection of nearly 185 miles from the city, 94 miles traveling at 70 mph or 115 miles at 55 mph.

“For 2015 now we have further redefined the motorcycle experience by building a lineup that offers, most possibly, one of the most seamless and pure ride associated with a motorcycle ever manufactured,” said Richard Walker, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. “With no shifting, nearly 106 ft-lbs of instant torque and a host of the latest technical improvements which provide premium comfort and control, we invite all consumers to get a ride on these impressive new machines. The latest lineup will reach American dealerships in December and through late February for Europe.”

Beyond improvements in suspension, brakes and batteries, the 2015 lineup contains a host newest elements of design and componentry. Freshly designed cast alloy wheels over the Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS will include a carrier-less front rotor and hollow front axle to scale back unsprung weight. Riders will notice stylish new mirrors that provide excellent rearward visibility and minimize motorcycle width. Improved seat ergonomics and softer grips enhance comfort. An even more robust throttle controls the Z-Force? motor’s instantaneous torque.

The latest California-built electric motorcycles leverage proven Z-Force? technology. Following a lot of evolution and refinement, the powertrain is instrumental in Zero being awarded “Best Electric Motorcycle” by multiple publications throughout the world. After years of development, thousands of customers around the world as well as announcement of state of the art 5-year power pack warranty, Zero Motorcycles will be the motivator within the electric motorcycle industry.[wzslider height=”400″ lightbox=”true”]

By staying focused on carefully selected motorcycle categories, Zero has kept their products diverse enough in order to satisfy the requirements a multitude of riders and lean enough to present customers refinements without substantial increases to suggested retail pricing. Because of this, the premium upgrades towards the 2015 line will simply cost riders around $400 more for very significant improvements.

About the Z-Force Powertrain: The state of the art Z-Force? powertrain embodies a philosophy of “sophisticated simplicity” by maximizing the exhilaration of riding and minimizing needless complexity. The Z-Force? motor and overall powertrain is very air-cooled resulting from its highly efficient and innovative design. With instant torque, a virtually silent belt-driven system with zero shifting, riders need only focus on experiencing the ride. For the owner, there is no routine powertrain maintenance plus the ‘fuel’ pricing is just a penny an arms length.

About Zero Motorcycles Fleet Products: Zero Motorcycles is releasing four fleet motorcycles with the 2015 model year. Updated models add Zero SP, Zero DSP and Zero MMX. Zero is introducing the Zero FXP as the new model for 2015 to supply a more nimble, faster reduce cost substitute for patrol fleets. Have real profit ride both on and off-road, Zero’s fleet motorcycles offer unique advantages over internal combustion driven machines. The 100% electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust free, produces minimal heat, has instant torque from zero rpm and is highly maneuverable. Having a ‘fuel’ tariff of anything at all per mile and also a maintenance-free powertrain, a Zero provides ability for governments, agencies and organizations to save money while offering them a tactical advantage.

Pricing information:
Each Zero Motorcycles model is 100% electric and, therefore, may qualify to receive government rebates or credits. Zero sells its motorcycles through authorized dealerships. Each motorcycle incorporates a standard two-year warranty. Additionally, Zero offers an industry best 5-year / 100,000-mile warranty over the power pack of 2014-2015 Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS models including a 5-year / 50,000-mile warranty within the power pack in the Zero FX. Dealers will become finding the new motorcycles in December for The us as well as in late February for Europe. Authorized dealers will commence accepting orders on September 30th from those that wish to secure a 2015 model. The pricing for every single model is below.

Zero S MSRP: (ZF9.4) $13,345 MSRP: (ZF12.5) $15,345
Zero SR MSRP: (ZF9.4) N/A MSRP: (ZF12.5) $17,345
Zero DS MSRP: (ZF9.4) $13,345 MSRP: (ZF12.5) $15,345
Zero FX MSRP: (ZF2.8) $9,845 MSRP: (ZF5.7) $12,340
Z-Force Power Tank MSRP: $2,495

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