1,341HP Toroidion 1MW Electric Supercar Unveiled [video]

The new 1MW electric supercar from Finnish automaker Toroidon is planned to be the best pure electric car available.

Toroidion unveiled their hand-crafted 1MW electric supercar on the top menu Marques Monaco supercar exhibition.

Toroidion was established in 2011 to develop a totally new electric powertrain that might be competitive with the Le Mans 24-hour race.

The founder Pasi Pennanen has spent the past Twenty years while in the automotive industry developing and building concept cars and production models.

The retro-styled electric car features gullwing doors and boasts 1,341 hp (1000 kW), thus the one megawatt (1MW) name with the vehicle.

The Toroidion 1MW Concept uses 4 electric motors which can be driving directly each wheel. Leading axle houses a couple 200kW (268hp) motors plus the rear another pair of 300kW (402hp) ones.

Pasi Pennanen plans to reveal details about its performance after a tests are performed.[wzslider height=”400″ lightbox=”true”]

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